Veterinary Exam

Routine veterinary exams are an opportunity to address changes in your dog or cat’s health.

Did you know that your pet needs doctor’s checkups just like us? All pets need to have at least one veterinary exam each year. A lot can happen within one single year of your loyal companion’s life because they age faster than humans. In fact, a year for us is equal to 7 in dog years. With regular exams, our veterinarians can detect any illness and provide updates on the care they need. To learn more about veterinary exams for your cherished pet, please reach out to us at 905-856-7387.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

A wellness exam is designed to figure out how healthy your pet is. A veterinary exam also gives pet parents an opportunity to bring their concerns about their pet’s behaviours, any changes in their eating habits or physical capabilities to our veterinarians. During the examination, we perform a full physical to detect any abnormalities. Our doctor will check for lumps or issues on the skin, check their eyes and ears to make sure everything is as it should be.

Do puppies and kittens need veterinary exams?

Absolutely! Your pet’s age can make them more susceptible to many illnesses. To keep puppies and kittens safe they need three veterinary exams every year. Senior pets need two checkups each year. If your pet has a health problem our veterinarians may also recommend wellness exams to monitor their condition.

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