Ultrasound and X-ray Services

State-of-the-art ultrasound and X-ray services for your pets' diagnosis and care.

X-rays and ultrasounds are used to diagnose pets. X-rays are also known as radiographs and are used to examine hard structures. Both procedures are non-invasive and generally drug-free. By using these technologies we are able to diagnose various medical conditions right away. To learn more about ultrasounds and X-rays feel free to contact us at 905-856-7387.

How do ultrasounds and X-rays work?

X-rays use a small amount of radiation to capture snapshots. A beam passes through your pet’s body which exposes their organs and this is when an image is taken. X-rays are completely pain-free. They show us the shape and size of organs. The procedure does not allow pet parents to be with their cherished pets, which could make them a bit nervous. We may give them a sedative to keep them calm and still to get clear images.

Ultrasounds for pets are similar to how the procedure is performed on humans. Before an ultrasound, our veterinary technician will shave the area that needs to be examined. The gel is applied to the area of interest and then a wand is waved across the site. The wand sends out sound waves that echo and show clear images of their internal organs and structures.

For an accurate diagnosis, a trained individual has to interpret the results. Our veterinarians have years of experience working with these diagnostic tools and can properly assess your pet’s situation.

Why would my pet need an X-ray or ultrasound?

Ultrasounds and X-rays are quick and easy ways to diagnose your pet. X-rays can be used to locate the area where your pet is experiencing discomfort and which treatment is best suited. We use X-rays to examine broken bones, foreign objects and inflamed organs. Ultrasounds are used to examine soft tissue and parts of the body such as the intestine, liver, kidney, spleen and reproductive organs. Ultrasounds are often used to detect pregnancies. Sometimes, both procedures are used at the same time. 

Are X-rays safe for my pet?

X-rays are completely safe for your pet. Even after repeated exposure to the radiation, it’s very rare for pets to develop a condition. During the procedure, we provide pets with safety vests to protect other parts of the body.

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