Bloodwork Services

An important diagnostic tool that provides significant information about your pet’s health.

One of the ways we learn about your pet’s health is by testing their blood. Bloodwork is not only performed on sick pets but on healthy ones as well. Blood analysis can detect many conditions that we wouldn’t be able to diagnose with physical examinations. Blood testing is part of the routine procedures performed by our well-trained and experienced staff. To learn more about our bloodwork services, please call us at 905-856-7387.

Why does my pet need bloodwork?

Here are the reasons why we recommend blood tests for your pet:

  1. To learn your pet’s baseline health. If your furry friend is healthy, learning what their blood levels are can be useful for comparison in the future.
  2. Your pet is showing signs of illness. Your pet’s blood can be used to diagnose medical conditions. Bloodwork can reveal parasites, infections, bleeding disorders, cell count, and the functionality of internal organs.
  3. Your pet has an upcoming procedure that requires anesthesia. Blood analysis tells us how much anesthesia is safe to use during the surgery.
  4. It is time for your pet’s veterinary exam. Annual exams include blood tests to give information about their health. This is especially important if your pet has a pre-existing condition or is more susceptible to diseases due to its age. 

How often should my pet have bloodwork done?

Our team recommends that all pets have at least one annual blood test. By doing this a veterinarian can monitor your pet’s health and detect any illness. 

However, if your pet already has a known condition our team may recommend more than one blood test each year. We do this to determine how well treatment is working and make modifications if needed.

Do I have to prepare my pet for a blood test?

Yes, pets need to fast before they have bloodwork done. To get the best samples we ask that pets avoid food for 6-8 hours before the blood is taken. That being said, blood tests can also be done without advance notice. For example, when the vet notices something during an exam that requires further analysis, they may request a blood test done during that same appointment.

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