Blog: Teams


My passion and love for animals started at a young age when I got my first pet bunny. Since then, I have always wanted to work with animals in some way. I’ve had quite a few pets throughout the years but currently have a dog named Nala, a cat named...


Sheryle has worked with us for a many years. She enjoys greeting the patients and their owners as they arrive and of course loves to meet new puppies and kittens when they come in for the 1st check up!


Initially, Leah was a graduate from Brock’s Dramatic Arts program. She found her way into the animal care industry through gaining experience in dog training, and from there, joined the support staff here at Woodbridge Animal Hospital. She has a deep love for all animals, and will give your furry...


Robyn has worked side by side with Dr. Schultz for many years. She has a passion for dogs, cats and horses. She has 17 cats of her own!